The Therapy of tomorrow ... today

BWRT® is Fast

BWRT® is  suitable For Most People, For Most Common Issues.

BWRT® is Effective

The virtual rewiring in the brain is so effective, you may only need one, two or three sessions.  *Results vary from person to person. No individual result is typical. 

BWRT® is Easy

It gives you the tools to reprogram  emotional or habitual responses, through the power of thought.

about us

Donna Bloom, BCH, Certified BWRT® Practitioner Level 1 & Level 2
Working with Donna is a journey of self-discover.  She helps clients find their own inner wisdom and self-love.

A powerful resource state to heal wounds from the past and understand the positive intention underneath unwanted habits or fears.

BWRT® enables the client to create a preferred response or better mental reaction, rather than an unwanted response to a stressful situation or trigger. “The change can be so natural the client doesn’t even notice the subtle switch,” says Terence Watts, the creator of BWRT®.

Tapping – EFT and TFT
A gentle method for releasing uncomfortable feelings, limiting beliefs and even physical discomfort from the body.

Ho’oponopono, Certified Practitioner
A Hawaiian process that offers profound inside healing. It helps to heal mental, emotional and physical issues quickly and easily.

NLP, Certified Practitioner
A variety of fantastic methods to achieve change, neutralize old emotions and infuse motivation for success.